YTONG Efficiency, sustainability and ecology in architecture

Currently, architecture is undergoing a profound transformation in terms of the requirements of habitability, interior well-being and energy efficiency and of the entire construction process. Among the many systems that have been emerging to drive these changes are the Ytong cellular concrete blocks.

In Premium Villas Costa Blanca we have several villas that incorporate this innovative Ytong construction system.

Housing built with Ytong cellular concrete pieces.

But it is not just blocks, Ytong has a whole series of elements and a constructive system of its own that will allow us to build houses with high energy efficiency and high interior comfort without having to resort to the large number of different materials and techniques required in a house built with a more traditional system. Although it is an almost centennial product (Ytong cellular concrete was first created in 1924), it has gradually acquired relevance in the construction sector. Ytong cellular concrete consists of a mixture of sand, lime, water and a small amount of metal powder, autoclaved and cut into blocks of high precision.

bloques Ytong

The main advantages of the system are:

  • Combination of structural resistance with high thermal insulation.
  • Compatibility with traditional structures systems of concrete floors and pillars.
  • Low thermal transmittance with a reduced thickness enclosure.In relation to other market systems.
  • The placement of the insulation reduces condensation and minimizes thermal bridges.
  • Excellent acoustic behavior of up to 58 dBA
  • High resistance of the internal enclosures made with fermacell gypsum fiber that allow the passage of installations without chafing.

Placement of Ytong blocks

The Ytong system is an effective and complete alternative to traditional systems, achieving better results in terms of insulation and energy efficiency and even reducing costs and construction time. Even the complexity of its constructive solutions is less than in other systems. Without a doubt it is an option to take into account if we are looking for a house more respectful with the environment and efficient in all senses.

Some of our homes for sale incorporate this innovative construction system, the Ytong cellular concrete blocks, such as Villa Agatha or Villa Adara



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