Interior design&Home Staging

Do you want to transform the interior of your home?

Do you own a property and want to modernize or transform it to adjust it more to your personal image?

You don’t know where to start, or simply do not have time to deal with it yourself?

Then we are here to help you! 

Our team of interior architects will take charge of evaluating your home, it will give you ideas and tips to improve the image of your property, create a custom design/reform project and accompany you during all transformation stages and eventual works that have to be carried out in the interior of your house.

Whether you are looking for an integral reform, the decoration or Home Staging of your property, the satisfaction of our customers is our priority and therefore we are in constant communication so that customers feel involved in the project at all times.

We work in close collaboration with a team of architects and construction professionals in order to obtain the best results and thus guarantee exceptional quality in the performance of any work.

Have you just acquired a property in Spain or have you just completed the construction of your dream home?


Our expert team will study your property in detail and will find out all about your motives, taste, needs and wishes in a personal meeting.


Then the team will present you a completely individualized design project taking into account your budget, your personal style and your uniqueness.


Thanks to our large network of suppliers we can adapt to any demand or request that may arise.


We design a wide range of projects with different interior styles and are inspired particularly by Mediterranean and Ibizan essences – styles that are continuously increasing in popularity nowadays.

Home Staging!

Do you want to sell your property and want to give it a more attractive touch to speed up the sale?

If you need help to enhance your property and make it look more attractive to future buyers, our specialized Home Staging team can help you!

What you are literally looking for is the staging of your house!

The goal is the conditioning of your home so that it is sold as quickly as possible and at the best price. Our team masters these techniques, it will highlight the strong points and minimize the weak points of your property so that it becomes a neutral and welcoming place where most visitors feel comfortable.

Request a meeting with our team, we will advise you on the different possibilities for improvement and find the solution that suits you best.

Ibizan style decoration!

Ibizan style decoration is undoubtedly characterized by all kinds of natural materials.

First of all, wood is a common element used in this kind of decoration and it is usually not treated too much so that it appears as rustic as possible. This style also works with many natural fibers found in household textiles (such as sheets, curtains, etc.) and decorative elements (esparto rugs, wicker baskets, etc.)

Ceramic and glass are two other materials that have a lot of popularity in Ibizan decoration (vases, plates, demijohns etc.)

Decoración de estilo Ibicenco

Another important feature is the combination of white with the full pallet of blue color that evokes the sea. All these elements combined give the impression that entering an Ibizan environment feels like turning off reality and making you experience the serenity of nature.

The Ibizan style is a purist and simple style, not only referring to the materials, in the decoration everything is distributed in a functional and practical way, without excesses.

Ibizan furniture usually respect simple lines and rustic forms, inspiring balance and harmony. The open spaces such as chill-out terraces and Nayas are usually decorated with wooden beams, always trying to take full advantage of the natural environment and the exceptional location they are situated in.

Natural light is another key factor to consider in Ibizan decoration.

White in combination with natural light increases the impact of decorative objects in other colors and therefore it is preferable to keep the furniture in simpler lines.

Modern and contemporary decoration!

The key to giving personality to the interior of your home is the placement of elements that convey uniqueness and emotion. The most important factor in modern decoration is the priority of straight lines over curves, in combination with excellent lighting, if possible from natural light.

In modern decoration the slogan “less is more” is of great importance. This means that you should stick to the minimalist philosophy of using only the most necessary elements, showing only a few items with great taste and class.

La iluminación mencionada ayudará a resaltar más todavía los efectos de ese minimalismo.

The aforementioned lighting will do the necessary to highlight the effects of that minimalistic style even more.

Regarding the materials to be applied we recommend to opt for shiny materials such as steel, glass or artificial woods such as chipboard and plywood. The key to success lies in the mixture of materials that convey warmth with others that convey more modernity. Another factor that comes into play is the order and placement of decorative elements, which will highlight the splendor and beauty of each piece used.

Decoración de estilo moderno

Finally we will talk about the basic colors recommended to achieve a perfect modern decoration. The basis of this style are of course white, gray and even brown and black shades using cushions, lamps, curtains and cushions to give your home that personal and unique touch. Of course the use of brighter colors is not completely forbidden, sometimes a few strokes of strong colors can give that little touch of personality that makes the difference.

We have no limits of imagination to turn your property into the ideal home you have always wished for.

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